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Conservatories have become a staple of middle class homes for decades. They provide extra space and sunlight during the cooler months and are useful for people who want to keep their home cool during the summer. But now there are new regulations that could mean they are going out of fashion.

The British government has introduced a number of measures to protect the UK’s homes from the threat of climate change. One of these is new building regulations. These rules will come into force in June and will restrict window sizes in new properties. They also aim to reduce the risk of overheating, which could make the country’s housing stock uninhabitable.

These rules also affect conservatories. For instance, conservatories added to newly-built homes will need to prove they do not overheat during the summer. It is likely that mid-market developers will cut their conservatories out of new developments, while high-end builders may decide to stick with them.

However, some environmentalists claim that these changes are a double-standard. While they are not aimed at limiting the amount of conservatories built, they do limit the way they are constructed. They will need to be fitted with insulation and thermally efficient materials.

There are two main types of conservatories. There are glass and brick varieties. The former are more common. The latter are more expensive. The style of your conservatory has a big influence on the price. Typically, glass conservatories cost PS600 to PS850 per square metre, while a brick conservatory costs PS650 to PS850.

During the Victorian period, large Victorian houses were often designed to preserve exotic plants and flowers. These homes would usually have a south-facing room, a glass roof and a conservatory.

The government has warned that Britain’s climate is changing, causing more hot spells. It is predicted that summers will reach 40C in the UK. This means that conservatories will become unbearably warm in the future. So the government is introducing regulations that will limit the amount of solar gain a conservatory can receive.

The government is also making new buildings more energy efficient, requiring windows to be reflective and thermally efficient. Moreover, there will be strict limits on the size of floor-to-ceiling windows and patio doors in new properties. The new rules will also require conservatories to be separate from the rest of the house. They will need to be separated by exterior walls or doors.

Some say these changes will deter builders from installing conservatories. Others claim they will lead to standardised home designs. If you decide to build your own conservatory, it is important to get an accurate estimate. The price of building your own conservatory can vary, depending on the style, materials, and size of your project.

If you’re looking for a new conservatory in the north-east, look no further than North East Conservatory Solutions. They are based in Blaydon on Tyne, southwest of Newcastle City Centre. Their experienced team can help you choose a solid roof solution for your conservatory. They also have a variety of products to offer.

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