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Conservatories are a great way to add additional living space to your home. Adding a warm roof to your conservatory can transform the room into a year-round space. They also allow you to save money on heating bills. In addition, they can help reduce environmental noise. However, not all replacement conservatory roofs are created equal. It’s important to know your options before making a decision.

If you live in a temperate climate, a warm roof can reduce the amount of heating required in the winter. In the summer, a warm roof will prevent sun glare and keep your conservatory cool. It will also increase your entertaining space. A warm roof can be used in a wide range of styles, from Victorian to P-shaped.

If your conservatory is uninsulated, it can easily lose heat. This could lead to condensation and mould on the inside. If your conservatory is well-insulated, it will stay dry. It will also have a thermal rating of at least 0.16W/m2K. If it does not, you may have a much higher energy bill.

When selecting your new conservatory, you should look for solid or rigid insulation panels that fit the frame of the conservatory. The best option for most conservatories is an aluminium and rigid insulation panel system. These roofs are lightweight and easy to install. They will not require planning permission. They will also increase the value of your property.

Another type of conservatory roof is a tiled roof. A tiled roof is a popular alternative to glazed conservatory roofs. They are simple to install, and they can be painted to match any colour house. These roofing systems also have the highest possible external fire resistance rating. Moreover, tiled roofs have low maintenance requirements. They typically last up to 50 years.

Polycarbonate is another option, but it can suffer from condensation and mould. This material is a bit cheaper than glass. It still lets in plenty of natural light. But, it does not have a sparkle like glass. It can have a U-value of as little as 1.6W/m2K. It may need a portable heater in the winter.

If your conservatory is not insulated properly, it can become hot in the summer. You can get thermal insulated curtains that are suitable for north-facing windows. In addition, you can install wood fibre insulation. This will help to store heat in the winter and remove it in the spring. Using rugs on top of the floor will also make the room feel warmer.

The cost of replacing your conservatory roof is high. If you don’t want to spend the money, you can install an internal roof insulation. This will only take a few days to complete. You will also need to have the original bars and beams replaced. A more affordable solution is a combination of fiberglass and plasterboard. But, this does not last long and will only provide a basic level of insulation.

If you have any questions about installing a warm roof on your conservatory, don’t hesitate to contact your local estate agent. They can recommend a contractor who can provide a quote for you.

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