How Do I Measure My Windows Or Doors For Double Glazing Or Fascia Installation UK??

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If you are looking to replace your windows or doors with new and improved ones, you need to make sure that the measurements are correct. A wrong measurement can result in a double glazing unit that does not fit or that has a faulty fit. For this reason, it is important to get accurate measurements before requesting quotes from companies. The following tips will help you to measure your window or door properly.

First, you must take note of the size of the opening. This is usually expressed in terms of height and width. Typically, a ‘rough’ opening will be around 2 to 2.5 inches higher than the window frame. In this case, a small fitting allowance of around 10mm should be taken off the final measurement. It is also recommended that you use an angle finder to get an idea of the angles that will be required for the new bay.

Next, you must take into account the type of material that you are going to use for the frame. You can choose from aluminium, hardwood or uPVC. Each type of material will have different specifications, so make sure to understand them. Your new windows or doors must be within the manufacturers’ frame size specifications.

Finally, you must consider the hinge clearance that your new doors or windows need. Usually, you will want to maintain the required clearance, even when removing the old door. However, you should be careful that you do not sacrifice safety in the event of a fire. Therefore, you may need to cut back on some of the building finishes.

To measure the most significant feature of your new windows or doors, you must make sure to measure both the sash and the frame. By doing so, you can ensure that you get the best possible quote. Even if you do not use a professional installer, you will have a better chance of getting an accurate quote.

Measuring the sash and the frame is not as straightforward as you might think. While it might sound simple, the results can vary greatly. Depending on the materials you are using and the dimensions of your window or door, you might not be able to achieve a perfect fit. That is why it is essential to have the measurements taken by professionals.

Double-glazed windows and door sets are almost a requirement for most installations. They are broken down into panes of glass, which is why measuring the sash or frame width is not enough. As a result, you must also consider the sub-sill fitting method. Check that the overhang projected from the front face of your building is at least 25mm.

Although a small error in your measurements might not seem like a problem, you might be wasting money by having a faulty unit installed. You also risk damaging your new windows or doors. Always follow the above steps to make sure that your measurements are accurate.

If you need to find a reliable double-glazing installer, try to find a company that offers an expert survey. These firms will not only provide you with a good quality product, but they will also be happy to discuss any questions you might have. After submitting a few details online, a member of the team will contact you to discuss your project and answer any questions you may have.

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