UPVC Doors – Are They Easy to Break Into??

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In the UK, UPVC doors are widely considered to offer good security. They are cheaper than wooden doors and are known to last longer. They also come with multiple locking points. However, it’s important to understand the security risks of UPVC doors. They are still vulnerable to burglars who can break into a property through them.

One of the main security concerns of UPVC doors is inadequate locks. This can be particularly the case with the euro lock barrel. Most UPVC doors are fitted with a cheap standard lock barrel. This is easily snapped by burglars. If you have a lock with this type of cylinder, upgrade it to a stronger version. If you’re not sure what to choose, get in touch with an MLA locksmith. You can also consider adding additional security to UPVC doors, including sash jammers.

Sash jammers are a key component to preventing entry through UPVC doors. They’re fitted through the door frame. They can be operated by either a key or an outside handle. When the door is forced open, the sash jammer will block the sash and prevent the window from opening. You can also fit a sash jammer to windows that don’t have a door chain. They are particularly effective on outward-opening doors.

Another common method of breaking into a home is to use a butter knife. A butter knife can be used to break through a slender gap in the door frame. This will make a noise that will alert neighbors and family members to the break-in. Moreover, burglars may pretend to be someone else and pose as an ‘advisor’. They will often use this opportunity to enter the house.

If you have a UPVC front door, it’s vital to double-lock it. This will prevent it from opening when it is locked. It also makes it harder for burglars to access your house. You should check the door’s frames regularly to make sure they are secure.

In addition to locking the door, you should ensure that the hinge bolts are properly secured to the door. If the hinges are not, your uPVC door can be forced off the hinges. This can be especially risky if the door is outward-opening. Installing hinge bolts is a quick and easy job.

Another popular method of breaking into a uPVC door is to try to open it by breaking the lock. Burglars are very skilled at this. Normally, they attempt to break the lock with a tool or with brute force. In many cases, this isn’t enough. It’s also a good idea to have a visible burglar alarm. You can install a camera, or get a digital door viewer to help you monitor your door activity.

It’s also a good idea to remove items from the ground floor windows if they contain valuables. The noise from smashed glass is a good signal to burglars that you’re a victim of a break-in. You can also use a letterbox fishing guard to stop a burglar from pushing a rod through the opening.

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