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UPVC doors are a cost effective, durable and low maintenance option for front door and windows. However, after time, uPVC can become worn out, discoloured and dull. Painting a uPVC door can revive its appearance and add style to the home’s entrance.

Having a well-maintained uPVC door is important for attracting potential buyers and maintaining its value. A worn out door can also detract from the look of the house. In order to achieve a high quality finish, it’s important to use the right paint. It must withstand the weather and thermal expansion of the UK’s climate, while not compromising on durability.

The best paint for a uPVC door is one that is specially formulated for exteriors, ensuring it will be weatherproof and long lasting. The coatings on the paint must be designed to bind with the uPVC surface and prevent flaking, cracking and chipping. A clear coat can also be applied to boost the longevity of the paint.

The first step is to paint the uPVC door with a good primer. Using a good paint brush, preferably a 2-4 inch diameter, apply the primer to the front and back of the door. This should be done in sections. Once the first coat is applied, the door should be left to dry for a couple of hours.

After the door has dried, apply a second coat. This is a quick and easy way to improve the look of your uPVC door. After the second coat is applied, you can use a reeded glass film for a touch of style.

It is also wise to use a low-key sandpaper to roughen the uPVC surface before applying the paint. If you use a sandpaper that is too coarse, you can leave the uPVC door with a patchy or uneven finish. The best sandpaper for this job is 180-220 grit.

After the sanding is complete, the next step is to clean the door thoroughly. This is important to ensure that all the dust, dirt and other contaminates are removed. If you have ironmongery on the door, consider using masking tape to cover it. This will help to prevent the door from being damaged by the paint.

Using the correct sandpaper will not only give your uPVC a smooth and professional finish, but it will also make the paint stick better. If you’re looking for an all-in-one paint and primer solution, try the Rust-Oleum Universal All-Surface Paint. This advanced paint and primer comes in a variety of colours, including satin and gloss finishes.

You can also use spray paint to give your uPVC door a new, fresh look. This method, however, requires a fair amount of skill and can result in a streaky finish. It’s also worth checking with your supplier before beginning a project like this. It’s also worth remembering that DIY attempts to paint uPVC can void the warranty.

The best uPVC doors will protect you and your family from cold and heat while offering you a modern, attractive and low maintenance option for your home.

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