Is a Conservatory Too Cold in Winter UK??

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A conservatory can be an ideal addition to your home. They can be used all year round as well as being great places for entertaining or even for a family room. They can also offer a great view of the outdoors and give you the chance to spend some time in the sunshine. However, the problem with conservatories is that they are not usually very insulated. Consequently, they can get chilly in the winter. You can solve this issue by making some simple changes to your conservatory to make it warmer.

One of the main problems with a conservatory is that the glass used for the walls and roof can allow heat to escape. The average building’s windows account for half of the heat loss. You can combat this by installing double or triple glazing. You can also install insulation to keep the temperature in the conservatory at a more comfortable level.

Another issue with conservatories is that the draughts can cause them to feel very cold. This can be due to the fact that conservatories have little or no brickwork on the inside. This can lead to draughts and dampness. Therefore, you should make sure you open and close your external doors properly. You should also cover the floor of the conservatory with a large rug to absorb any draughts and increase the heat.

To prevent this from happening, you should also consider installing a UV filter. A UV filter will help keep the soft furnishings in your conservatory from fading. This is important because conservatories are not as good at retaining heat as the rest of your house. This is especially true when you are using your conservatory in the summer.

In addition to insulating your conservatory, you should look into adding a thermally efficient roof. LivinRoof is a product that can be added to most standard conservatory windows and will drastically improve your living space. This type of roof will also help prevent natural light from coming into the room. Its thermal properties will also prevent sunlight from heating the room too much.

If you don’t want to invest in a new roof, you can always try to add extra portable heating to your conservatory. There are some electric radiators that are specifically designed for use in conservatories. You can use these for hot beverages and to maintain a comfortable temperature.

The best way to prevent heat from escaping is to insulate your conservatory. This can be done by covering the floor with a thick underlay and placing a large rug on top. You should also consider installing some curtains or blinds. You can do this with large drapes that form a barrier to keep the heat in the room.

You can even install a solid roof. BJC Joinery offers a range of solid roof solutions to suit any size and shape. They can also install a special tape on the roof to regulate the temperature.

If you have an older style conservatory, you may need to upgrade to a newer model. This can be done at a cost, but it will help you to maintain a more pleasant temperature in your conservatory.

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