Can I Build a Conservatory Up to My Boundary in the UK??

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If you want to build a conservatory that is near your boundary, you’ll need to make sure you do it in the right way. In the UK, there are a number of regulations that you need to know about. You’ll need to check with your local planning department to see if you need any special permission to build a conservatory near your boundaries. Typically, you’ll need planning permission if you plan to build a large conservatory that will be visible from the road or from your neighbours’ homes. But, if you’re thinking of building a small conservatory, you may not need to get planning approval.

The most important thing to remember is that you should not extend your house or garden over more than half the land surrounding it. You may be able to get around this by adding a side extension, but you’ll need to get the appropriate building regulations approval for any work you do to the exterior. If you plan to add a sink, toilet, or any other electrical point, you’ll also need to obtain the proper building regulations approval.

The Party Wall Act essentially governs the construction of buildings in close proximity to the boundaries of other properties. You’ll need to consult with your neighbours to ensure that the new structure doesn’t negatively affect them. It’s also worth checking with your local council about any restrictions you might find on the types of building work you can do in your area.

The Planning Portal is a great source of information for all things related to planning and building. It’s especially helpful if you’re considering doing some building work in England or Wales. You can also take a look at the site’s planning tools, which include a calculator to determine if a proposed development will be a permitted development.

The Neighbour Consultation Scheme is another tool to help you find out whether or not your proposed conservatory is a viable option for your neighbourhood. It’s a 42-day process, whereby your neighbours will be notified of your plans and given time to lodge an objection.

The most important thing to remember is to check with your local planning department if you’re in a conservation area. If you are, you will need to apply for a Certificate of Lawfulness. A Listed Building Consent application will be required if you’re building a conservatory on a listed building.

The planning laws pertaining to conservatories are pretty similar to those governing home extensions. There are restrictions on the size and height of conservatories, but you won’t have to go to the trouble of applying for planning permission for most smaller projects. However, if you’re planning to put up a big, modern open-plan style conservatory, you’ll need to obtain statutory approval. You can do this by checking with your local building control department.

The party wall regulations are also relevant if you’re adding a conservatory near your boundaries. You’ll need to appoint a party wall agreement with your neighbours if you plan to dig up the ground to erect your new structure.

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