Can a Composite Door Be Kicked Through??

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A composite door is a good choice if you’re looking for extra security for your home. This type of door has a solid core and high-tech hardware that prevents break-ins. There are also plenty of choices in terms of colour and finish, so you can find the right option for your home. In addition, you don’t have to worry about maintenance as much with these doors. They don’t fade or deteriorate as quickly as wood or aluminium.

Composite doors are made from a combination of materials that include glass reinforced plastic (GRP), metal, and wood. These are then pressed and glued together under intense pressure. The result is a durable and beautiful door. Although they may be more expensive than traditional timber or uPVC doors, they’re a good investment for your home’s safety.

The key to a safe and secure composite door is in its locking mechanism. You can choose from a range of high security locks that have been designed with burglary in mind. You should look for a lock that meets the British Standard and features a locking cylinder that is built into the door itself. While a standard PVCU door can be opened with a single kick, a composite door can’t be kicked through.

Another great feature of a composite door is its impact resistance. This means that it can’t be easily broken, especially if it’s the only entry into your house. Moreover, there are a lot of options to choose from if you want a composite door. You can opt for a high security lock that uses a Triangulated dead bolt, which offers better compression than traditional cylinders.

A uPVC door is a bit cheaper, but it has to be said that they are far from the most secure. While a uPVC front door is certainly easy to install, it’s not something that is as durable or difficult to break into as a composite one. Nevertheless, you should check to see that your front door is properly secured.

For added safety, you should consider getting a lock that features a strong anti-snap mechanism. These can be especially beneficial on uPVC doors, which often have a multi-point locking system. Aside from providing better security, these locks are also relatively cheap and easily installed.

The uPVC front door is a popular choice in the UK, as they offer a good level of thermal protection. In addition, they are lightweight and easy to handle. They also require a small amount of maintenance. You can expect to clean your door with soapy water once a month. To make sure that it’s in top condition, you should also take the time to remove any dust from its surfaces.

The best thing about a composite door is that it is a good choice for longevity. They can last for up to 35 years. Besides, they’re a lot less attractive to thieves than a wood or aluminium door, which makes them a better choice overall.

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