Do Composite Doors Swell in the Sun UK??

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If you have ever had a composite door, you may have wondered if they are prone to swelling. This is because they tend to be thicker than their uPVC counterparts. They are also more durable. They have a thick surface layer and a solid timber core that is resistant to damage. However, they can still swell during hot weather.

You can prevent this from happening to you by maintaining your doors. This means cleaning the drainage holes and ensuring they are free of dirt. These holes can also become blocked over time, which can cause flooding problems. A cold damp cloth can also be used to help cool down the uPVC.

If you find that your composite door is becoming warped, you may need to have it repaired. A professional locksmith should be able to assess the issue and advise you on how to fix it. You can restore your composite door to its original condition, or opt for a more durable option. A high-quality composite door should have self-lubricating bearings that keep it in perfect working order.

A composite door is a great way to improve the aesthetics of your home. They are coloured throughout, and you can often paint them with non-drip gloss paint. They are made from a solid timber core and a uPVC shell. It is important to choose a coloured skin that will not fade over time. Some coloured pigments are susceptible to degrading under UV light. To combat this, some mixes contain long-term UV protective chemicals. These are similar to a permanent sun-screen.

Besides having a good colour, a composite door has to be made up of constituent parts that are durable against harsh weather conditions. Having an inbuilt drainage system will protect your composite door from flooding. A door with a thick, well-constructed frame will also make opening and closing it easier.

Another good thing about a composite door is that it won’t corrode. If you decide to use a decorative glass door, the wood grain will look better. However, some colours can actually exacerbate the problem of thermal distortion. If you live in an area with harsh weather, you may want to invest in an insulated composite door, which will offer protection from unwanted swelling.

Lastly, there are many composite doors that are rated as fire doors. These are more expensive than standard doors, but you will get better value for your money. They will keep your home safe, as well as providing additional curb appeal. There are also composite doors that are rated as energy efficient, so you can feel comfortable leaving them open when you leave.

It’s important to know that composite doors are not the only type of door that can swell during extreme weather. Your uPVC door can also swell when it gets too hot outside. This can be problematic if you have oversized doors, which can make opening and closing them more difficult.

The sun can also heat up a door. Regardless of the type of door you have, you’ll want to avoid putting it in direct sunlight. You can do this by ensuring that the doors have a sturdy wood veneer or by using a decorative glass door.

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