Why is Rain Going Behind My Gutters??

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When you see water running behind your gutters, it is likely that there is a problem. This can be caused by improper pitch, blockages, or a faulty gutter. It is important to check your gutters regularly and have them cleaned before a storm. If you notice that your gutters are overflowing or leaking, you should take action to remedy the problem.

Rain falling on your roof causes rainwater to splash onto the front of your gutters. This is especially common during a heavy rainfall. This means that the face of the gutter will be covered in water, causing drips and pools. Aside from being a safety issue, overflowing gutters can cause structural damage to your home. It can also allow moisture to seep through walls and into the surrounding structures. If this happens, you may need to replace the gutters.

Depending on the style of your gutters, different designs handle water differently. Some may have a drip edge that diverts rain into the gutter. However, this only solves part of the problem. It is best to install an appropriate size gutter so that water will not splash into the gutter and cause damage.

Rain that runs down the face of your gutters can damage your fascia board, siding, and shingles. Eventually, the fascia board can rot and become brittle. It can even lead to insect infestations in your gutters. This can leave your home vulnerable to disease.

Another reason your gutters could be overflowing is if you have a slope that is too steep. If your gutters are too steep, they will not be able to efficiently drain water. The water will sit in the gutter and overflow at the downpipe. You can try to remedy this by lowering the pitch of your gutters. You can also install a plastic support tray in the bottom row of tiles in your gutters.

If you are not sure whether your gutters are overflowing or if they need to be replaced, you can contact a professional. A professional can provide warranty on his work and fix any issues you may have. A good gutter company will ensure that your gutters are in good condition.

You can also have your gutters checked and cleaned by a professional. In addition, you can install stainless steel or plastic total gutter covers, gutter brushes, and downspout strainers to prevent clogging. If your downspouts are clogged, they can also interfere with your gutters’ performance. This can lead to foundation problems, siding damage, and landscaping displacement.

A few other things that can cause your gutters to overflow include the number of downspouts installed. Your downspouts should be about 2 feet wide and drain into a dry well. Ideally, they should be placed so that they drain into a dry well at least 3 feet deep. If they are not placed correctly, they can lead to erosion in the area. You can also choose to install eves protection boards to help prevent water from flowing between the gutter and fascia boards.

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