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When looking to install or replace fascia boards and soffits, you’ll need to consider your choice of material. The type of material used and the quality of the original installation will determine the lifespan of the board. You’ll also need to pay for labour costs. You should be able to find a reliable supplier in your area.

Depending on the type of material you choose, the cost of fascia and soffit replacement will vary. You can expect to pay PS100 to PS125 per linear metre to replace your old boards. UPVC soffits and fascias are less expensive than their wood counterparts. They are also durable and have low maintenance requirements. However, their cost can vary based on the size of your home.

You can save money on fascia and soffit replacement by shopping online. Some reputable companies such as Double Glazing On The Web will offer a cost estimator. This will enable you to compare prices from local companies. You can even get a free no obligation quote.

When replacing your soffit and fascia board, you’ll need to factor in the time required for the job. The average time for a single job is approximately ten hours. The cost will depend on the size of your property, but you can usually expect to pay between PS25 and PS35 per hour.

Aside from the time, you’ll need to pay for scaffolding. For a terraced house, the costs will range from PS1,500 to PS2,800. For a large home, you’ll need to shell out between PS2,000 and PS3,500. This will include the cost of waste removal. A professional installation may also be necessary, and you can expect to pay for the finishing touches.

You can expect to pay between PS10 and PS40 for an aluminum fascia board. This type of fascia is often the fastest to install, and you can expect to get at least 20 years of use out of the boards. If you’re not interested in aluminum, you can try out a wood variety such as spruce, pine, or cedarwood. This material is more expensive than others, but it’s a more robust and long-lasting option.

Aside from removing rotten and leaking soffits and fascias, you’ll need to fix any cracks and gaps. This can be tricky, and you’ll need to hire a professional. For instance, wildlife can get into your loft through holes or cracks. So, you may need to use some wood-treating or other preparation work to prevent further damage.

You’ll want to have your fascia and soffit boards professionally installed. This will ensure a better finish. It will also be cheaper than if you do the work yourself. Most soffit installers will charge PS25 to PS35 an hour.

For the most beautiful option, you can opt for wooden fascia boards. These are incredibly durable and can last for twenty to thirty years. But, it can be difficult to find a good, locally-based installer. Choosing a national company can help, but they may take longer to reach you.

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