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If your windows are 15 years old, they may need replacing. These older units are not as energy efficient as new windows. They also don’t offer much UV protection. They are prone to leaks, which can cause condensation and damp. This can damage the structural integrity of your home. This can result in mould and other health problems, which can be a nightmare to remove.

It’s important to replace your windows if you notice any of the following signs. The most obvious is if you can’t open or close the window easily. It’s possible that there is a problem with the hardware. This can be expensive to fix. You should have a professional check your window’s hardware before replacing them.

You should also look for signs of mould and damp. Older windows are prone to leaks, which can be a nuisance. This can damage the structural integrity of your house, especially if there is mould growing on the inside of the window. You could end up with pools of water inside your windows.

Another symptom of an older window is a draught, which can be an issue if your heating system is working hard to keep your house warm. A good window installer will assess the state of your window and recommend the best options for your home. They’ll also provide you with an accurate quote for replacing your windows.

It’s a good idea to have an expert measure your windows to ensure that you’re getting the correct size. There’s no point in wasting money on a low-quality replacement. You’re better off focusing on getting high quality products that last longer. It might seem expensive, but it’s often more cost-effective in the long run.

Your windows can also improve the aesthetic value of your home. A well-installed double-glazing can really make a difference. If you have a period property, your windows may have been fitted with timber sash windows. The frames are likely to be wooden, which can be difficult to maintain. You should ask your window installer about what kind of frame material will best suit your needs.

You should also consider the thermal performance of your new window. There are building regulations that cover this. Your window should be installed to meet the same thermal performance standards as new windows. You can use trickle vents to help achieve the required ventilation.

As with most other aspects of your home, you need to be careful. If you’re unsure about the cost or whether the process will fit into your budget, seek advice from a specialist before you decide. You can also consult your local council for guidance.

You can also install PVCu windows, which are more durable and less expensive. You’ll still get the benefit of a modern window, while saving money on your utility bills. The downside to installing PVCu is that you’ll have to pay for the installation. This can take years to pay off. Ultimately, it’s up to you to determine if replacing your old windows is worth it.

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