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The UK government is putting a lot of emphasis on energy efficiency in homes. It has introduced a number of different schemes that aim to encourage homeowners to make their houses more energy efficient. These include the Green Deal and the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) scheme.

The Green Deal scheme was designed to encourage energy saving improvements to the home. The initial idea was to give 600,000 homeowners PS5,000 vouchers to help them fund energy efficient improvements. Unfortunately, interest was not high enough and the scheme was cancelled. However, there is still a chance for homeowners to access a grant for double glazing.

The government’s “Green Deal” initiative was meant to give a free energy efficiency upgrade to eligible homeowners. The scheme was set to run from April 2022 to March 2026. The vouchers provided cover a range of insulation products, including double glazing, heat pumps and solar panels. In addition, there are also vouchers that cover doors. These provide an added layer of insulation, allowing owners to retain heat in winter and keep cool in the summer.

The Home Improvement Scheme is a separate programme, offering up to PS8,000 to pay for essential home repairs and improvements for those aged 66 or older. There are several eligibility criteria that must be met to receive a grant. The applicant must be a pension credit recipient, or be on an income based jobseeker’s allowance. They must also have living in deplorable housing conditions and meet a means test.

Another government scheme is the Care and Repair England scheme, which helps people aged 60 or over to get affordable energy-efficient improvements. These upgrades may involve double glazing, and will also benefit older people who suffer from poor health. The scheme offers a range of home repairs, including the installation of new central heating systems. The benefits of the scheme are that applicants can have the cost of the improvement deducted from their pension.

Another type of grant is the Energy Saving Opportunity Grant. These are vouchers that can be used to replace broken windows and doors. These are available to homeowners who are over the age of 60, and who have an income based jobseeker’s or pension credit.

The Better Homes and Gardens scheme can also be used to finance new double-glazing windows. It has helped thousands of Welsh residents to install new energy-efficient systems and improve their homes.

The government has also recently stepped up its focus on fuel poverty in the UK. This is when individuals find it difficult to afford basic necessities such as food and fuel. The government is now working to ensure that everyone in the UK is equipped with energy-efficient appliances and household goods.

If you think you are a good candidate for a double glazing grant, check with your local housing authority. You will then need to get approval from the local authority, before your application can be approved. While there are many benefits of upgrading to energy-efficient windows and doors, the cost can be prohibitive for some. If you are unsure about your eligibility, you can contact Simple Energy Advice. They offer an online checker to search for double glazing grants.

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