Can I Get a Government Grant For Double Glazing UK??

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Double glazing is a great way to reduce your energy bill. However, replacing your existing windows with new ones can be a costly undertaking. This is why there are government schemes available to help you save money on your home improvements. Whether you are looking to install a new window or door, a government grant could be just what you need.

The UK government has launched several schemes to help homeowners make their properties more energy efficient. In particular, these include the Green Homes Grant and the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) scheme. The latter is a partnership between the UK’s major energy suppliers and the government. It provides grants for free home upgrades to eligible low-income households.

There are several local schemes that can be applied for in your area. These vary depending on your eligibility. For example, you can receive a double glazing grant if you live in an old or deplorable property and need to have new windows and doors installed.

The Care and Repair England scheme is aimed at people in poorer and older properties. This means you have to have broken or damaged windows and live on a low income. You are required to prove you are on a benefits payment, such as jobseeker’s allowance.

The Better Homes and Gardens scheme is a similar scheme designed to help older people improve their homes. This includes installing energy efficient doors, windows and roof insulation. You must be over 66 to apply for the scheme. You will also need to have a pension credit account.

The Double Glazing Grant Scheme is another government scheme that was only opened up for six months. However, it has been extended until March 2022. This is an interesting government-funded scheme that allows you to get a substantial amount of money off your double glazing bill.

The Government has also introduced an energy efficiency calculator. It allows you to compare different measures, such as new windows, to determine which will make the most efficient use of your money. This may help you decide which improvements are worth spending money on.

There are a few other government-backed schemes that you can apply for to help you improve your home’s energy efficiency. The most important ones are the Home Improvement Scheme and the Green Homes Grant. They provide you with a percentage of the cost of improving your home, but it all depends on your income and your family’s financial situation.

You will also need to find a way to finance your new double glazed windows. There are various options, such as 0% interest credit cards. You can even transfer your money into a bank account and start repaying it. If you are on a low income and would like to know more about these schemes, contact your local council for a guide. If you have already received a grant, you can check the expiry date to make sure it is still valid.

It is well worth researching the many schemes on the market. Having energy efficient windows and doors can save you a lot of money in the long run. Plus, there are numerous other benefits to having these improvements done.

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