Can Double Glazed Windows Be Fitted With Security Features UK??

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Double glazing is a great way to increase energy efficiency in your home. In addition to saving money on heating costs, it can improve the aesthetic appeal of your property. Moreover, the added insulation can reduce draughts and condensation inside your windows. However, if you decide to install double glazed windows, you should also consider the security features available. These are designed to provide you with additional peace of mind and protection against intruders.

One of the most effective ways to secure your windows is to install sash stops. These prevent windows from opening when you want to. They are also visible from the outside. You can also opt for a multi-point locking system to lock the window. You can choose from three to five locking points to achieve the maximum level of protection.

Another security feature you can find on modern double glazed windows is internal beading. This ensures that the glass unit is securely held in place inside your home. It also prevents intruders from removing the glass. The design of these windows is very robust and requires a great deal of strength.

If you wish to add even more security, you can opt for higher specification doors. These can come with spyholes, dead bolts, or more sets of hinges. You can install extra screws on the side of the frame where the hinge is located, or a dual screw. You can even add a key locking handle to each panel. This makes it much harder for burglars to enter your house.

Some windows have a “night-vent” feature that is designed to partially open when the door is locked. This helps prevent children from falling out of the window and also gives you better ventilation. You can also install egress hinges to allow the window to fully open in the case of a fire.

You can also purchase uPVC profiles with tough interlocking brackets. This prevents the window from slipping off the frame when the door is locked. You can also opt for an absorbent spacer, which helps to prevent the glass from becoming foggy. You can also choose from an array of colours and finishes to make sure your new windows match your interior decor.

These are just a few of the different security features that you can add to your double glazed windows. It’s important to check that the manufacturer offers you a warranty to cover any defects. This means that if you should need to replace your windows within a certain timeframe, you can do so without any problem. It’s also recommended that you opt for double glazed windows with a key locking handle to add an extra level of protection.

When you purchase double glazed windows, it’s important to check if the locks are made from durable materials. This is because you’ll want to protect your property against intruders. A reputed company will provide you with high quality windows that are fitted to meet the requirements of building regulations.

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