Are Thermal Curtains As Good As Double Glazing UK??

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When it comes to reducing heat loss, there are two main options. Double glazing is one of the best ways to reduce your energy consumption and protect your home against the cold. However, the cost is relatively high and the energy savings are often not significant. Alternatively, thermal curtains can help to reduce the amount of heat lost.

Although these window coverings may offer limited protection against the cold, they can still provide a good layer of insulation. To get the most benefit, the curtains should be carefully fitted to avoid air leaks. The first thing you should do is check to see if the window frame is sealed securely. If there is a gap at the bottom or the top of the frame, you can use a foam strip to seal it up.

For better results, you should also ensure the curtain is completely covering the window. This is particularly important if the window is a deep recessed one. Ideally, the curtain should be three inches wide on each side of the opening. You should also consider extending the curtain at least six inches above the floor. Depending on the look you want, you can hang the curtain at different heights.

A more traditional curtain design features a heavyweight fabric that provides a dense barrier against chilly outdoor air. This type of curtain is ideal for indoor or outdoor use. It is also the best choice for a curtain that will be exposed to a lot of moisture. To prevent condensation, it is a good idea to add a multi-foil insulation to the lining.

Modern curtains are typically made of lightweight man-made fibres. They come in a variety of colours, styles and patterns. They can be machine washed with a mild cycle. In addition, some fabrics can handle a trip to the dryer.

The most effective thermal curtains are thick, tightly woven materials. These fabrics should fit both sides of the window. If the material is loose, it will let in a lot of chilly air into your room. The best thermal curtains are made of polyester, which is durable and resists moisture.

If you are looking for a more textured look, you might like to try a textured polyester thermal curtain. You can also choose a textured white blackout panel to make the room appear uniform. These curtains are available in a range of lengths, from 54 inches to 108 inches.

If you want a more contemporary look, you can hang the curtains as close to the window as possible. To prevent draughts, you can add metal or plastic strips with wipers or brushes attached to the inside of the frame. You can also place a cornice over the drapery to prevent cold air from entering.

Finally, you can invest in an automated blind system that minimises heat loss when you are not using the room. These systems can be linked to your central switching system, and can be linked to daylight sensors to help prevent condensation.

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