What Happens If Your House Doesn’t Have Soffit Vents UK??

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A soffit is a roof overhang that is typically installed under the roofline. There are two main types of soffits, the continuous and the individual. The continuous soffit is usually made of vinyl or wood and provides more surface area than the more common individual soffit. Soffit ventilation can be achieved by installing a single ridge vent at the top of the soffit or a series of ridge vents, each positioned at different heights. The latter, if installed correctly, will reduce the amount of negative pressure that can accumulate in your attic during the cold months.

Soffit vents are a worthwhile investment, not to mention a fun project to do with the kids. The obvious reason for a soffit being installed in the first place is to enhance airflow to your attic. The soffit is also a great place to install a ceiling fan and possibly a bathroom vent fan. If the budget permits, an eaves awning or skylight may be the way to go. As a bonus, a skylight or eaves awning can provide a nice view of the outdoors when the sun is shining. If you are considering installing a soffit, make sure you check your local building codes. Depending on the style of soffit you choose, a soffit might not be the best place to locate your HVAC units. If you are planning to add an eaves awning, you might want to enlist the help of an architect to make sure you get the best possible design.

The most important thing to remember is to get the soffit done right the first time around. Using a quality company like the pros at Roofing & Gutter Supply will ensure you get the job done right and in a timely fashion.

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