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Soffit and siding are two architectural features that go hand in hand. They protect the exterior walls of the home and are also used to help with insulation and cooling. It is important to take care of your soffit and siding in order to keep your home safe and to increase its value. But, before you decide on these features, you need to understand what they are and how they can affect your home.

Soffit is a board that is placed underneath the roofline. It can be made of wood, aluminum or vinyl. Soffit is designed to be long-lasting and is often used for both the exterior and interior of a home. A soffit board is often hidden under a fascia board, which is a vertical band that surrounds the edge of the roof. Soffit can provide ventilation for your attic to prevent condensation and other issues in your roof void. Soffit and siding can be installed together or separately.

Usually, soffit is fixed to the lookout rafters, or to a wall or other structure. It is usually cut with a circular saw, but if you prefer, you can use a jigsaw. A soffit panel should have tongues and grooves that line up with the adjacent panels. To install, start by cutting the panel lengthwise with the circular saw, and then angle the board into the corner with the jigsaw. A soffit that butts to the wall should have a mastic seal. A tongue and groove soffit is the best choice for hiding fixings.

Soffit is also available in solid, vented and combination designs. The material comes in 12-foot or 16-foot widths. It is commonly used in roofs with overhangs, and is especially beneficial in sloping roofs. The cost to install soffit depends on the size of the building and the logistics involved. The price will vary depending on the location of the property, the availability of materials, and the time of year.

Before fixing your soffit, mark its depth. The depth will help you determine where to nail the soffit to the wall. You should also consider a nail flange that is bent back and has slots for nailing. For a more secure connection, use 30mm pins. You should also make sure to leave a 5mm gap between the soffit and the wall to allow for thermal movement.

Soffit and siding are an essential part of any home’s eaves. They can improve the aesthetics of your home while preventing pests and animals from entering your attic. They can even help with cooling in the summer. If you want to add them to your home, check out Thompson Creek Exteriors. They offer a free no obligation survey.

You can also add soffit joists to the framework instead of lookouts. This can extend the length of your soffit by an additional five percent. The installation of soffit is often a specialized skill, so it is wise to hire a professional. The installer should use a sharp saw to ensure the proper cuts are made. He should also make careful notes of the measurements he takes.

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