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If you’re planning to take on a home improvement project, you might be wondering whether you should hire a carpenter or a joiner. Both trades are well suited to a variety of projects, but each has their own nuances. Choosing the right person to work on your project is crucial.

Both trades are specialised and require a certain degree of skill. For example, the job of a carpenter involves fitting large timber beams at a construction site. However, they also have the ability to make smaller home improvements, such as installing a window frame. Similarly, a joiner can be tasked with making bespoke furniture, such as a dining room table or a bespoke bookcase.

Both crafts are considered as important as each other. However, the skill of a joiner is often the most practical. While a carpenter may not be as capable of producing a window frame, a joiner is likely to be able to produce something of the same quality.

Both jobs require a good eye for detail and an understanding of building construction techniques. In addition to these requisite skills, a carpenter also needs to have a strong understanding of health and safety regulations. Similarly, a joiner should be able to handle a variety of tasks, including using the latest design software, measuring and cutting wood, and handling dusty conditions.

Compared to a carpenter, a joiner can produce large items, such as a staircase, at their workshop. Depending on the nature of the project, the joiner might also have to visit the site to determine the dimensions. A good joiner will have a keen sense of the most efficient method to use the materials available and be able to create a sturdy product.

Joiners and carpenters often work together on a large project. This can make things a lot easier for both parties. It can also help to find a company that provides both services to streamline the process. They should have both the training and experience to provide a seamless service to customers. A company that provides both services can also help ensure that you get the most value for your money.

The main differences between the two are in methodology and approach. A carpenter will typically use a range of tools to perform the task at hand, while a joiner is more likely to rely on specialist equipment and machinery. Nonetheless, both crafts have some similar albeit less obvious skills, such as the ability to create a sturdy structure with the help of a laser cutter.

If you’re looking to get into the woodworking industry, you can take a short course or even apprentice in one or the other. Alternatively, you can start off by getting some on-site experience and then completing a full-time college course in a related field. This will allow you to see for yourself the various facets of the construction industry, and what each trade offers.

While both carpenters and joiners are highly skilled professionals, they require different levels of training. Carpentry is a much more hands-on skill, and requires a reasonable level of physical fitness. On the other hand, a joiner is more likely to be stationary in a workshop, working on a variety of projects at a time. A joiner is also likely to be more apt at creating a bespoke project.

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