How Do I Know If My Fascia is Rotten??

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In order to protect the structure of your home from the elements, it is important to regularly inspect your soffit and fascia. Damaged or rotten soffits and fascias can not only be unsightly, but can also have detrimental effects on your house’s integrity. If left unchecked, these two components can cause damage to your property and increase the risk of a roof leak. In addition, these components can serve as a breeding ground for pests.

If you suspect that your soffit or fascia is rotten, it’s crucial that you act quickly to prevent any further damage. In addition to potential damage to your property, a rotten soffit or fascia can be a hazard to your family and pets. A soffit that is not maintained can actually provide an ideal habitat for woodworm and other pests. In turn, these pests can cause substantial and expensive damage to your home.

If you have a wooden soffit and fascia, you may be wondering how to tell if the material is rotten. The best way to determine this is to look for physical evidence. This includes signs of moisture penetration, stains, and even paint peeling. In addition, structural mistakes can result in water filtering out of your soffit and fascia, leading to a leaking roof.

To know whether your soffit and fascia are rotten, it’s best to have them inspected by a professional. Depending on the style and type of soffit and fascia, you can expect to pay between PS100 and PS115 per linear metre to have them replaced. The total cost of this type of project can vary greatly, depending on your location, the size of your property, and the materials you choose.

Luckily, soffits and fascias are not the only parts of your roof that require regular inspection. Your gutters are another component that needs to be checked to ensure they are functioning properly. If they are clogged, they can create pools of water that will spill over and damage the fascia board. They can also break off during a rainstorm, which can cause damage to your house. This is because there is no anchor point for the gutters.

If you are unsure about whether your fascia is rotten, you should check for the following:

The sub-fascia is the part of the soffit that must sit level across the entire run. This part is the cheapest to replace, but it must be done properly or it can lead to a number of problems. You should also replace your gutters when you replace your soffits and fascias. This will prevent any leaks, which will help you save money in the long run.

The most expensive type of soffit and fascia to replace is the bargeboard. These are usually made of timber, but can be elaborate or plain in design. This can range in price from PS115 to PS125 per linear metre, depending on the type of wood used.

The least expensive option is a cladding of fascias with uPVC. This is the best option for a number of reasons. First, uPVC is more resistant to rot. It’s also easier to install. Additionally, it is resistant to termites, making it a good choice for your exterior trim.

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