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If you have an old, sash window, you may be wondering if you should retrofit it with double glazing. You might think it’s an expensive and complicated process, but there are some simple ways to make your windows more energy efficient.

Double glazed windows are essentially two panes of glass encased in a small spacer system. This gap slows down the movement of heat, ensuring your home stays warm for longer.

Typically, the glass used for double glazed windows is toughened or tempered. This helps ensure that the glass is not only more durable, but also more secure. There are even some ultra thin double glazed units available, which eliminates condensation and reduces heat loss through the glass. This type of double glazing can be installed on a sash, and it’s gaining some traction in the UK.

In most cases, it’s a good idea to install new double glazed windows, but there are ways to upgrade your existing ones. Some people choose to install an electric heater to help keep their homes cosy during the colder months. However, they are infamous for being inefficient and costly to run.

Other measures you can take to improve the thermal performance of your old windows include installing draught proofing and secondary glazing. This can help prevent cold spots and hot spots. You might also want to get your windows checked for cracks and rust. In some cases, the gap between the window frame and the frame can be filled with heavy inert gas, or a vacuum, to stop the movement of hot air.

Choosing the best thermal upgrade is a personal decision. You’ll need to consider the style and type of glass and the size of the spacer system in your existing windows. You may not need double glazed windows if you live in a warmer climate. The most important part of this kind of home improvement is the amount of energy you’ll save. In the UK, you can expect to save hundreds of pounds a year. That’s money you can use to enhance your garden or improve your kitchen.

The best way to measure the effectiveness of double glazed windows is to ask yourself whether or not they are worth the money. You might be able to find a replacement for your sash windows for a fraction of the cost. A sash window can last for up to 20 years if you look after it.

It’s not uncommon for a home to be built with single glazed windows that are outdated. They are often worn out and need replacing. In some cases, the design of the window is the only thing that counts. You can find windows made from different materials, from hardwood to aluminium. If you have the budget, you can find some interesting looking modern designs.

The best choice will be dependent on the cost of the windows and the type of material you plan on using. In addition, the quality of the glazing unit will have a bearing on how long it will last. For example, thicker double glazed windows are more durable, and can provide better soundproofing.

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