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If you live in an older property, chances are that while you enjoy the rustic charm that gives your home it’s character, if your windows are single glazed, the cold weather can make your heating bills rocket as unwanted draughts creep in through unseen gaps in the frames. Since the energy market is unstable at present and gas prices are generally increasing, many people want to rely on the heating as little as possible, but if most of the heat is being lost due to out of date fixtures, this can be a thankless task. Double glazing is an easy economical way to keep more heat in your home, making it a popular choice for those who cannot afford more drastic insulation measures such as cavity walls and loft insulation.


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For young families and vulnerable people especially, double glazing is a must for extra protection against colds and viruses, since those exposed to constant draughts are highly prone to becoming ill more frequently. At Loco Windows and Fascias, we believe that no-one should have to pay extortionate heating bills in order to stay in good health, an aspect of life that most people take for granted. For this reason, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide a swift and professional installation or replacement service at an affordable rate.


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As well as being effective against bad weather, double glazing is proven to minimise disturbance from outside noises such as harsh winds, traffic and the general local noise which is the unavoidable by-product of being part of a busy community. At a time when many people work unconventional and irregular hours, double-glazed windows can help to provide just the right conditions for a peaceful sleep, even when the world outside is chaotic.


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We stock the best known brands including the introduction of new lines from Rehau. In particular the new fully sculptured 70MM range of Window systems combined with the popular energy saving glass Planitherm, allows us to offer outstanding products along with our outstanding service. We are also able to offer more traditional bevel finishes in our line of window systems as well as other quality glass fabricators to suit your specific requirements and budget.

With so many reasons to consider double glazing from Loco Windows & Fascias, why not give us a call on 07845349047, and let one of our friendly experts advise you on how Loco Windows & Fascias can help!

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